International Peer Education

 What do we offer?

An educational and creative peer exchange project among international students. We design ONLINE workshops between schools in different countries.

 How do we do it?

We use social media and technology and virtually connect students from around the globe to co-create a project.

 What are the workshops about?

Any relevant topic that is globally meaningful, such as environmental issues, like climate change, water scarcity, pollution and social topics like migration, diversity, culture, gender etc.

 What is the outcome?

A collective creative presentation designed by students from the participating schools internationally.

 Why do we do it? 

To prepare youth to become active citizens in a modern pluralistic society by offering tools to learn and work with international peers and teams.

Start your own international exchange today


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-United States

-South Africa



-August – December

– January – March

– April – July

– Other


Each session lasts 1-2hs.

Program Options:

-Entry program: 2 online sessions.

-Full program: 4 online sessions.

-Pro program: 6 online sessions.

-Tailor made program: choose your

own amount of sessions.


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