Connecting United States, The Netherlands and South Africa (2016-2017) Part I

What’s going on?

We are very happy to inform that autumn 2016 a new Face to Face exchange will take place. With this exchange we are aiming to strengthen existing relationships between partners and at the same time to expand our network. Therefore, we are not only working with the Netherlands and the United States, but we will include a third country and continent: South Africa. We would like to thank Dutch Culture, the Dutch Consulate in New York and Castle of Good Hope for their support!

New partners

Planning a new project and incorporating a new country involves new partners! We are excited to be working with Castle of Good Hope, New Holland Foundation, Amsterdam International Community School, New Orleans Senior Secondary School, District Six Museum and Framer Framed.

Collaboration with Rijksmuseum

It is a great honor to announce that for our future exchange Face to Face will be cooperating with the Rijksmuseum. On November 8th the Education department of Rijksmuseum will hold a “Teacher’s Day” expecting more than 200 professionals from all over the country. Face to Face will have the pleasure to give a workshop during this exciting day! Also students from Amsterdam will be visiting the Rijksmuseum to learn about the relationship between the Netherlands & South Africa.

Visit to Cape Town

August 2016 the Face to Face team will visit South Africa to meet our new local partners and establish the cooperation. See you in Cape Town!