Exchange between Utrecht and New York (2015) Part II

Exhibition Where Past Meets Present

Where Past Meets Present represents the end results of the Face to Face exchange between New Utrecht High School (New York, USA) and Amadeus Lyceum (Utrecht, NL). During the project students created stories and accompanying artwork showing the connection between the two countries, the 17th century and present day.

The collaborative artwork was exhibited in several spaces in New York and Utrecht reaching more than 13.675 visitors so far.

Take a look at the end result!


– Brooklyn Historical society

May 15 was the opening ceremony. Exhibition running from May 11th till June 15.

– New Utrecht church

On May 30 of 2015, Friends of Historic New Utrecht organized an annual festival “Liberty Weekend” at the New Utrecht Church, located next to New Utrecht High School. During this event 3 stories and posters were exposed.

–  New Utrecht High School

On June 15, the work of the students will be exhibited in the school’s main entrance hall.



The opening ceremony took place on May 21st.

– De Bibliotheek Utrecht (Vleuterweide)

Exhibition running from May 22nd till July 9th.

– Coming soon: Stadskantoor Utrecht

The best posters and stories will be displayed at the exhibition space in Stadskantoor building. The theme of the overall exhibition is Youth and the Future and will be open to the public from July 11th till December 28th 2015.


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