“It is really nice and cool to meet new

people from another country” – Student, The Netherlands

 “My experience in participating in this exchange program has been very life changing. I am someone who has never travelled outside of New York. So to be able to communicate with people on another continent has been such a great experience for me. I feel more culturally informed. – Student, United States

 “This has made me think differently about the way that my culture and I live compared to theirs. This can also help me communicate with people outside of the country.” – Student, United States

 “It really broadened their view on migration. It was a very important project for the students and the school because you can see the different views that the students from both countries have, they have a different perspective on migration and it is really important to learn from each other. It makes their lives so much bigger.– Teacher, the Netherlands

 “This is very important for their future in college and jobs, as students will need probably to work with people from other countries using technology. With this project, they built on all the 21st century skills that the students are going to need – Teacher, United States

Previous Exchanges



*Amsterdam International Community School (Amsterdam) – New Orleans Secondary School (Cape Town) *De Werkplaats (Bilthoven) – New Utrecht High School (New York) September 2016 – March 2017 The students were asked to explore the shared heritage between the Netherlands and its former colonies, in this case United States and South Africa within the framework of migration. In three online encounters all participants collaborated and produced an artistic outcome that showed the student’s personal backgrounds in connection with their ideas and beliefs. The collaborative art work was exhibited in Amsterdam at Tolhuistuin, in Bilthoven at De Werkplaats, in New York at New Utrecht Church and New Utrecht High School and in Cape Town at Castle of Good Hope and New Orleans Secondary School, reaching more than 10.000 visitors.


Monte del Sol Charter School (New Mexico) – Colegio Dardo Rocha (Buenos Aires) November 2015 In this exchange students from United States and Argentina collaborated together and developed a one-page message to create public awareness about their own Ecological /CO2 footprint.  The main objective for this pilot workshop was for students to get to know each other, understand global C02 impact, their own C02 footprint consumption and to develop through the curriculum activities a draft-script/slogan for a future broader advertisement project. Renowned Dutch ecologist Prof. André De Roos, while visiting the Santa Fe Institute, gave a relevant lecture to the student body at Monte del Sol Charter School (also broadcasted in Argentina).


Amadeus Lyceum (Utrecht) – New Utrecht High School (New York) January – July 2015 Students from the Netherlands and United States created stories and accompanying artwork showing the connection between the two countries, the 17th century and present day. The collaborative art work was exhibited in New York at the Brooklyn Historical Society and New Utrecht Church and in Utrecht at Vrijstaat, de Bibliotheek Utrecht and Stadskantoor Gemeente Utrecht.


ROC (Amsterdam) – Colegio Dardo Rocha (Buenos Aires) November 2013 The topic of the session between ROC Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Colegio Dardo Rocha (Argentina) was respect and in a 2,5hs session students wrote a story using Skype’s chat and they reacted to it with an image. 


International School (Hilversum) – Northern Hills School (Mar del Plata) May 2013 This exchange was supported by a development grant by the Community Arts Lab Utrecht (February – June 2013). Students of the International School of Hilversum (The Netherlands) and Northern Hills School (Argentina), simultaneously wrote a story and created a piece of visual art by using social media as the main working tool. The topic of the session was peace and human rights.  Exchange at De Bibliotheek Utrecht (The Netherlands)  February – June 2013 During the online and simultaneous sessions, participants at De Bibliotheek Utrecht (The Netherlands) and people from Egypt (Mahatat for Contemporary Arts), the USA, Chile and Argentina followed the same activities. The workshop involved story writing, art craft, photography and online editors throughout social media. 

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