WHAT IS Face to Face?

Simultaneous online workshops where schools in two countries are engaged in the same activities, sharing their results online, and experiencing the creative and educative process together to achieve a common outcome.

Workshop Summary

Participants: 10- 30 students per school.
Language Options: English, Dutch and Spanish.
Workshop length: 2 to 6 weeks (one weekly session of 1-2 hours).
Topics: Socio-cultural, humanities, environmental, economic, among others.

A workshop consist of 4 stages:


Introduction to the topic, by visiting local museums and attending master classes by a professional expert on the chosen topic.


Range of topicdriven activities to interactiveactivities such as debates, getting to know each other’s culture and customs, sharing opinions and experiences.


Peer groups from both countries develop a creative project that brings together their own thoughts and knowledge about the workshop’s topic.


The project culminates with an exhibition at each school and at a public community venue. The final visual outcome ranges from developing short movies, writing poems and songs, drawing, painting, photography, designing posters, etc.

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